By focusing on an inclusive user experience I provide digital accessibility testing, remediation, strategy consulting and web and mobile app development.

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Digital Accessibility

Web, mobile and document accessibility testing and remediation.

Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting to increase and maintain your digital accessibility.

Design & Development

Web and mobile app design, UX and development with an inclusive mindset.

Why Accessibility

Web and mobile app development has been the core of my professional career, which I love to do. I always get excited about the challenge of developing a solution to solve a problem.

Digital accessibility and inclusive design resonates with me, and is a topic that I’m passionate about. Technology can and has made the world more accessible for everyone. At the same time technology can also create barriers for people that can make it difficult or impossible for them to access or experience the digital world.

Along with web and mobile app development, my focus is on inclusive design and digital accessibility to help businesses and organizations make sure their digital services and products are usable and able to serve as many people as possible. Inclusive design and accessibility not only benefits people that need assistance in one form or another, but also enhances the experience for everyone.

Are your digital services making it difficult or impossible for your audience to use? I can help with accessibility audits, remediation, and to develop a strategy to maintain your accessibility in the future.

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