Audits and Remediation and Compliance! Oh, My!

Ask about digital accessibility

Whether you need an accessibility audit or remediation development for your website, I can help!

I will let you know how your site rates against the W3C’s international standards – Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 or WCAG 2.1 ). But I don’t stop there – I also report on best practices
for serving your users and assistive technology.

I don’t just aim for WCAG compliance – I want your website to be truly usable by everyone. I will help you
give the best inclusive experience to your audience.

Accessibility Process

An accessibility audit is more than a defect list. It provides you with valuable information to help make
your website inclusive and usable for all of your users:

  • Who each issue affects
  • What the root cause is
  • When and where it happens
  • Why it’s a problem
  • How to fix it

Armed with that info, your development team, or I can fix things accurately and fast. I prioritise the issues, so you know what to tackle first.

I use the latest assistive technology, accessibility tools and manual techniques to find issues. Your audit report will include screen shots and code snippets from your site, not generic examples.